Win $ 500 USD | 9 Arepas Showdown

Win $500 by participating in the 9 Arepas showdown!

9 lucky contestants will be selected to participate in the 9Arepas Showdown taking place on 12/21/18

Each contestant will have the chance of winning $500, that’s right! Not $5, not $10, but $500!! $500 sounds pretty good right before the holidays right?

9 Arepas Showdown: Eat 9 Arepas in 9 Minutes and win $ 500 USD

Contest rules:
– Contestant must eat all 9 Specialty arepas within a 9 minute time frame.
– if more than one contestant is able to eat all 9 arepas, winner will be chosen based on fastest time.
– There are 3 ways to enter: complete this form and send back to 9 arepas, coming in person to submit your application, or calling us at 954-908-0098. Participants must apply for the contest by 12/18/18. We’ll give you a call if you are one of the selected candidates chosen to participate!

Don’t want to participate? Come on in for the fun anyways! Enjoy a competitive atmosphere, live music, cold drinks, and delicious food. We’ll see you there!

19491 Sheridan St. Laguna Isles Shopping Plaza, Pembroke Pines Florida. 33332

Waze: //bit.ly/Waze9Arepas

Google Maps: //bit.ly/Maps9Arepas

El Reto de 9 Arepas

Gana $500 USD con el Reto 9 Arepas

9 afortunados concursantes serán seleccionados para participar en el Reto 9 Arepas este Diciembre 21 del 2018.

Cada participante tendrá la oportunidad de ganar $ 500 USD ¡eso es correcto! ¡No $ 5, no $ 10, sino $ 500!

$ 500 suena bastante bien justo antes de las Navidades, ¿verdad?

9 Arepas Showdown: Eat 9 Arepas in 9 Minutes and win $ 500 USD

Las reglas del Reto:

– El concursante debe comerse las 9 Arepas mixtas de nuestro menú en un plazo de 9 minutos.

– Si más de un participante puede comer las 9 Arepas, el ganador se elegirá en función del tiempo más rápido.

– Tienes 3 maneras de inscribirte, llenando este formulario, presentándose en 9 Arepas Restaurant o llamando al 954-908-0098 antes de Diciembre 18 de 2018 y nos pondremos en contacto contigo si has sido seleccionado.

¿No quieres participar? ¡Ven por la diversión de todos modos! Disfruta de un ambiente competitivo, música en vivo, bebidas frías y comida deliciosa.

Te esperamos aquí!

19491 Sheridan St. Laguna Isles Shopping Plaza, Pembroke Pines Florida. 33332

Waze: //bit.ly/Waze9Arepas

Google Maps: //bit.ly/Maps9Arepas


How to get to 9 Arepas Restaurant? Waze can help you!

We want to give you the best experience in foreign food and we have a lot of options to choose from.

Arepas, Empanadas, Tequeños from Venezuela, Brazilian Sandwiches, American Cheeseburgers, delicious desserts, salads and more!

It´s so easy to get here! But if you need help, ask Waze and you get here quickly and easy, follow this link and it will take you to the Waze App: //bit.ly/Waze9Arepas

Also you can type in Waze “9 Arepas Restaurant” and it´s done!

9 Arepas Restaurant Reina Pepiada in Pembroke Pines, Laguna Isles Shopping Center

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SATURDAYS Live Latin Music!


Are you ready for The Perfect Game?

‘Cause if you’re not, our new guest might catch you off base!

This Saturday at 7 pm we’ll be glad to have Kate Vargas steping up to the plate with the best music!

Come and enjoy with us the best Latin Music and the best meals you can imagine!

9 Arepas Restaurant | Saturdays Live latin music in Pembroke Pines

19491 Sheridan Street, Laguna Isles Shopping Center, Pembroke Pines

Reservations: 954.9080098 WS

9 Arepas is new in town and have too much to offer!

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This and every saturday we open till 11pm in Pembroke Pines

If you’re looking for a great Sports Bar to have a drink and enjoy some amazing Venezuelan, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian cuisine then 9 Arepas is waiting for you to come and enjoy yourself.

LIVE MUSIC! Saturday Sept 22, 2018 

Breakfast: Arepas, Empanadas, Venezuelan cousine, you can take it for here or to go, we accept pre-orders.

Lunch: Asado Negro, Grilled Chicken, Lasagna and more! Start at 12am to 2pm

Diner: Burgers, minipizza, also arepas, empanadas.

Drinks: If you are looking for a nice place in Pembroke Pines to watch a game, drink something, 9 Arepas is the right place, thursdays, fridays and saturdays opens till 11pm.

Laguna Isle Shopping Plaza
Laguna Isles Shopping Plaza Pembroke Pines.

We are at in 19491 Sheridan St. Laguna Isles Shopping Plaza,

Pembroke Pines, Florida.

MORNING PRE-ORDER: 954.9080098

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9 Arepas Restaurant Laguna Isles Shopping Center
9 Arepas Restaurant Laguna Isles Shopping Center Pembroke Pines